Thursday, May 3, 2012

A4 Tech F3-X7 V-Track Gaming Mouse Review


A4 Tech has done it again with the F3, which is a great gaming mouse that is also part of the X7 gaming series of peripherals. The F3 is an outstanding mid to high level gaming mouse that delivers full control and tons of features. One of the big things is its V-Track technology, which A4Tech claims is more accurate than a laser engine mouse. I have to agree, the accuracy and precision that is displayed with this mouse is superb. Gaming experiences are way more enjoyable with a mouse like the F3, and you will spend more time playing and less time worrying about how bad your mouse is.

First things first, let’s take a look at the package and its contents. You will receive of course the A4 Tech F3 gaming mouse. You will also receive a driver CD and 5 rubber replacement pads. (We suggest you go to the A4tech website to download the latest drivers). The included rubber pads are replacements if yours get worn or dusty, definitely a nice addition.

When I first handled the mouse I was amazed at how it felt. It didn't have that plastic feel to it like other mouses I have handled. However, I wish it would have more of a rubberized texture on the sides to add extra grip and comfort, but it was not a problem considering when in use, my hands felt firm and gripped the sides. The F3 features a nice ergonomic texture on the top portion to add extra grip. I did however experience minor slippage when my hand started to perspire a bit. Nonetheless, the performance was not affected, and in fact surprised me entirely. The side where your thumb rests has several holes to add for extra gripping support. The clicking action is very responsive and with the 1ms response time, little to no lag will be experienced. This mouse is quite big when compared to other mice, ensuring long lasting comfort in the palm of your hand, a key essential part when deciding a good mouse from a bad one, and the F3 does not disappoint.

The F3 is equipped with a total of 7 buttons; two standard left and right click buttons, a scroll wheel, DPI switch and three more programmable macro buttons. These programmable buttons can be changed using the Oscar 5-mode editor which we will talk more about later. All the buttons are easily accessible, the only thing we had trouble with is the DPI button. It is located slightly too far back that you have to take your hand off the mouse to press it. We found it difficult to reach it and play at the same time.

The F3 looks like it was taken straight from the battlefield, the added bullet holes and gold trim design really make it a FPS players choice. The F3 gaming mouse is also labeled "winners choice" so you know your receiving a quality product. It also has a nice X7 logo reminding you that the F3 is part of the X7 series of gaming peripherals. The overall look of the F3 is really eye pleasing, it definitely looks and feels great.

As briefly mentioned before, the F3 mouse uses V-track technology. V-track technology utilizes vertical light which showcases deep into the details of all surfaces to guarantee smooth and accurate tracking in any situation. Unlike a regular optic laser which is 75mm² the V-track laser is only 5mm² meaning the opening is considerably smaller than previous models, making precision and performance ahead of the rest. This mouse will run on most surfaces smoothly, eliminating mouse pads entirely. We were amazed how many surfaces the F3 operated on smoothly, it truly is amazing.

The included braided cable equipped with a gold plated USB connector is definitely a plus in terms of connectivity for both gaming and aesthetics. The included braided USB cable also ensures durability, if accidentally tugged or pulled, ensuring long lasting performance. The F3 comes with a long cable ensuring you'll be connected if placed anywhere in a decent sized radius.

With the added 160k on-board memory and five mode selection, you can set up to five different configurations for macros. This means you can set up to five different settings for each of your games, applications, etc.

With rapid DPI adjustment, the F3 delivers a DPI level of up to 3000, making quick rapid movements attainable. These settings can be switched on the fly with the F3’s on board DPI button, which is also color coordinated. The F3 also delivers an extremely fast report rate of 1000Hz,a 1ms response time, and a key switching response time of 3ms (regular mouse 16ms).

The Oscar classic macros platform (5-mode editor) provides you with ability to change your macro keys to a wide variety of different settings. You can also upload or download your favorite macros via the X7 website (Located Here). You can even write your own script for a custom macro, which is a nice feature indeed, if you know what you’re doing that is.


30 G/sec
IPS speed
75 inch/sec
Report rate
125/250/500/1000 Hz (1 ms)
Key switch response time
3 ms (Regular mouse: 16ms)
100~3000 CPI (5 free-adjustable levels)
Default sensitivity
400 - 800 - 1200 - 1600 - 3000 CPI


Vertical light:                                            
  • More accurate than Laser engine
5 modes:
  • 1 click to shift game macros
160K on board memory:
  • Stores custom macros
3000 CPI:
  • 5 free-adjustable levels
1 ms Response:
  • 8X more smooth
Driver free to perform stunts:
  • 1 click to turn around 180 degrees
  • 1 click to buy all weapons
  • 1 click to perform game stunts
  • 1 click to change gun1 click to on hook
Smooth and accurate tracking anywhere: 
Innovative V-Track technology utilizes vertical light which goes deep into the details of all surfaces. Guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking anywhere. Enjoy the best precision during the game-play.
Smaller hole Great precise:
  • Regular optic 75 mm2
  • Laser 40 mm2 (Smaller)
  • V-Track 5 mm2 (Smaller)
  • Head-shot 100%
Super-Combo 7:
  • Custom macros with 7 fully programmable buttons;
  • Perform stunts to win the games effortlessly
5 modes selection:
  • Set up custom macros for your games in each mode


We couldn't be any happier with the performance obtained when using the F3. The F3 performs exceptionally well when used in both standard application use and hardcore gaming. It will deliver long lasting comfort even through long gaming sessions. We did however find the scroll wheel hard to click at times. The wired connection and fast response time will ensure rapid fire accuracy and total noob ownage! The F3 from A4 Tech is truly a work of art and we were glad they decided to let us try it out for ourselves. We would like to thank A4 Tech for supplying the F3 gaming mouse to us, and hopefully more reviews to come on their excellent products.


V-Track technology
Braided cable
Oscar 5-mode Software
Programmable macros



Final Score

More information on the A4 Tech website